Message from the President

Let Us Forge Ahead Together, Further, as No. 1 in the World

Masami SHINOMOTO President

Yoshinori SUGIMOTO President

 There are very few people who know about the world of steel balls from their student days. However, we in fact live surrounded by an amazing number of balls—in cars, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, and washing machines—from ballpoint pens to space rockets. While ordinarily we rarely see these balls, cutting-edge technology and wisdom are brought together in just one tiny ball in order to realize such natural desires as better safety or greater comfort.

 Amatsuji Steel Ball Manufacturing Co., Ltd., supplies the world’s highest quality steel balls as a global leader in the steel ball manufacturing industry. In recent years, we have been greatly expanding our overseas production bases to enable us to respond to the needs of customers around the world. In order to solidify our continually expanding overseas market base, we need the strength of young people like you who have youth, motivation, and the ability to think flexibly.

 Also, recent years have ushered in an age of diversity. At Amatsuji, we bring out the strengths in our diverse staff, and many women are doing outstanding work for us. Amatsuji aims to be a company that supports not only men but also working women.

 Amatsuji continues to forge ahead towards new heights. We look forward to the day that you join us and we can work together.