Toshihisa DEMIZU

【Sales Dept.】A job sending AKS balls out into the world

Toshihisa DEMIZU
Graduated from Osaka City University Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences
Joined AKS in 2010; Sales Dept.

“Balls are used in a wide range of industries—how interesting!”

This is my job!

 I am response for major axle-bearing manufacturers. My duties include negotiating customer orders, managing inventory, and making production arrangements. Incidentally, the customers for whom I am our company’s contact are important trading partners for AKS overall, and so I strive to keep in close contact and maintain good relationships with them.

A typical workday


  • Field sales

    Although my schedule is irregular, I usually visit customers 3-4 days a week.
  • Meetings with trading partners

    I conduct interviews with customers and talk to them about future ordering trends.


  • Arrange shipments

  • Inventory management

    I check the current inventory status. Depending on the inventory ratio, I make production requests.
  • Preparing price estimates

    In response to inquiries, I prepare estimates for price and delivery times.

Hints for growth

 All products have delivery deadlines, and so if preparatory arrangements do not go smoothly, I end up having to make unreasonable requests to fellow workers. However, watching how my supervisor proceeds, they manage to meet strict deadlines without a hitch. The difference is daily communication and experience.
What I sense is that conversation is extremely important. If there is mutual understanding on an everyday basis of our respective situations between two people or organizations, then it is easy for things to proceed smoothly at critical moments. In particular, since the customers I am responsible for are large companies, our company could be badly damaged if I make a serious mistake. In order to fulfill these responsibilities, I talk daily with various people both within and outside our company and am conscious of ensuring that things proceed smoothly.


A word to potential recruits

 I hope that you will undertake your job-hunting activities with zeal. I want you to think hard about the answers to “What do I want to do?” and “Why do I want to join this company?” and find something you feel “This is it!” within yourself. Whether or not you have this zeal will change the way you grow after joining a company. Please look hard at yourself as you undertake your job-hunting activities.