Welcome to the world of steel balls!

LESSON1 What are steel balls?

Professor Amatsuji! I love collecting round things. What could possibly the world’s roundest object?
Professor Amatsuji
Well, the world’s roundest objects are things called steel balls that are used in bearings. You’re probably not familiar with them, so they might be difficult to imagine…Alright then. For today’s lesson, let’s explore the world of steel balls!

COLUMN The roundest spheres on Earth: steel balls

 As their name indicates, steel balls are balls made of steel. Generally, the name refers to balls used in bearings. Technically, these balls are called steel balls for rolling bearings.
 Bearings are rolling parts that are attached to the rotating parts of machines; they comprise multiple steel balls inserted between a large and small ring.
 Thanks to the steel balls, friction is reduced, enabling the bearing to roll extremely smoothly.
 Steel balls simply need to be round, hard, and tough. Continuous research day and night has enabled us to achieve today the world’s roundest steel balls.


OK. By the way, Professor, what is steel?

Professor Amatsuji

Steel is an alloy (mixed metal) comprising iron and other added substances. The materials added to the iron and their composition change depending on the aim (enhancing strength, heat resistance, magnetism, etc.). The steel produced is an artificial material; it differs from iron, which exists naturally in the environment. Moreover, the steel used in steel balls for rolling bearings is prescribed under JIS standards. These are common steel balls produced in accordance with these standards.

Wow! So this is the roundest thing in the world! Gee…
but they look the same as pachinko machine balls, don’t they?
Professor Amatsuji
What are you saying? Look at this!
This diagram enlarges the balls many times,
and you can clearly see the difference between
the pachinko ball and the steel ball for use in rolling bearings!パチンコ球とAKSの鋼球の比較
Wow! They certainly are completely different!
Professor, where are these steel balls made?
I want some, too!
Professor Amatsuji
There are many, many steel ball manufacturers throughout the world,
but if you want the world’s top steel balls,
the place to go is Amatsuji Steel Ball Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!

What’s amazing about Amatsuji Steel Ball Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

What’s amazing about Amatsuji Steel Ball Manufacturing Co., Ltd. about Amatsuji Steel Ball Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • ・World No. 1 in steel ball market share
  • ・World No. 1 in steel ball production volume
  • ・World No. 1 in technology to make steel balls round
  • ・World No. 1 in technology to make steel balls small
  • ・World No. 1 also in affection for steel balls (estimate)
Professor Amatsuji
・・・Well, at any rate, the leading company of steel ball manufacturer is located in Japan.
I’ll put that in your test, so be sure to remember it!