【Yuko TAKIMOTO】A job managing and improving the world’s top product quality

Graduated from Kansai Gaidai College majored in a Liberal Arts (English) Diploma
Joined the Manufacturing Technology Department in the year of 2011.

“The factory is moving forward every day, innovating along with our ideas.”

This is my job!

 I am mainly responsible for providing instructions and managing manufacturing operations, improving the quality of ball products, and working very close with the factory. To be more specific, I review the operations in the factory by issuing manufacturing work instructions and conducting unannounced inspections of factory management, aiming to improve overall quality. I enjoy and find my job rewarding as my department is directly working with the manufacturing floor.

A typical workday


  • Check e-mails

  • Work management for my division

  • Paperwork (document management)

  • Hand out documentation

    Hand out documentation to other departments in the morning and afternoon.
  • Check factory management and distribute the results

    Point out concerns and improve the facilities, aiming to become a factory with better management.


  • Measure balls

    Check the quality of test products
  • Develop work instructions

    Create, distribute, and manage work instructions used in the factory.
  • Distribute documentations

  • Data summary

    Summarize data related to factory management and deliver the results to the related departments once a week.

Hints for growth

 We have many male workers in the Manufacturing Technology Department and the operation is more technical, as it is closely related to the factory. When I was assigned to this department with no knowledge about balls, I knew nothing about the technology or the balls. However, responding to my request to be involved in work other than desk work, my supervisors provided a lot of advice, and the fieldwork personnel also showed me around the actual site when I visited and asked questions. I have many supervisors and colleagues who help me grow. They offer new opportunities depending on my will and help me when I need. To catch up with them, I address challenges, believing that improving my skills can contribute to improved manufacturing.


A word to potential recruits

 During the recruiting time, I was filled with anxiety and that was the time when I looked back on myself more than ever. But at the same time, you would rarely have such a great opportunity in your life. Then, look back on yourself as much as you can and grow, looking at a lot of different companies. Knowing yourself well and going all out, you will be able to find a company to suite you. I chose AKS because I was attracted by the people with great personalities who I met at the candidate selection.
It would be great if you have an interest in AKS, even just a little.