Kazuhiro YOSHIDA

【Technical Development Office】A job creating new technologies and taking on the world

Kazuhiro YOSHIDA
Graduated from the Kyoto Institute of Technology Graduate School
Joined AKS in 2005; Technical Development Office

"The words “Make it better” are the motivation for me to go to the next level!”

This is my job!

 My main work is the research and development of balls. I think about a broad range of approaches, such as making balls more spherical or more durable, or further increasing production efficiency and proceed with development while consulting with other members of the development team and plant workers as well.

A typical workday


  • Development team meeting

    Around 5 team members exchange opinions on a range of topics.
  • Meetings with operators

    Once testing has been decided, I request testing equipment.


  • Plant hearings

    Hearings are indispensable for development. The opinions of plant workers are especially important.
  • Testing with analysis devices

    Things don’t always go as planned…
  • Summarize test results

    Test results are considered and used in taking the next step.

Hints for growth

 What is interesting about this job is that if something I develop is good, this is reflected in figures and opinions from the factory floor. The first thing I developed was a small tool for making balls. When plant workers actually used this tool in their work, they were pleased saying, “This makes the job easier.” This tool is still used today.
However, there are times in the process of creating something new that I come up against a blank wall. Even though theoretically something should work smoothly, we get no results despite testing it over and over again…At times like this, I talk to plant employees and workers in other divisions, and in many cases they quickly resolve the problems saying, “I don’t understand the theory, but from my experience….” Senior workers with decades of experience are truly amazing! I feel that in order to achieve good development, it is important to incorporate new perspectives and not rely exclusively on your own thinking.


A word to potential recruits

 Before joining AKS, I only had a vague image that the company made balls spherical. However, once I entered the company, I discovered that AKS has technology development, production, quality management, and various other divisions all involved in manufacturing products. If you join AKS, you are sure to find a position where you can contribute.