【Production Dept.】A job managing production on the frontlines of our business

Graduated from Kadoma High School (now Kadoma Namihaya High School) General Course
Joined AKS in 1994; Production Dept.

“What I aim for is ‘results for the plant overall’ rather than results for me”

This is my job!

 As foreman of the Production Sect. 2 №24 factory, my main job is the overall control of the plant. I manage the daily production status of the plant while conducting inspections inside the plant and checking progress. Sometimes I also work in cooperation with other plants in order to fulfill my mission of providing customers with high quality AKS balls without fail.

A typical workday


  • Check current progress status

    I check whether production volume is at the scheduled level.
  • Plant inspection

    I check the operating status of machinery and otherwise broadly look around the entire plant.


  • Fixing machinery problems

    I take immediate measures to fix machinery in cooperation with related divisions to ensure that production is not delayed.
  • Meetings

    I have meetings with my subordinates about quality improvement activities. Incidentally, I have around 20 subordinates.
  • Prepare documents in the office

Hints for growth

 One thing I felt strongly after becoming foreman was that my own job and plant only run smoothly with the assistance and actions of others around me. One time I found a processing defect at my plant. Because a wide range of machines are used in the manufacture of AKS products, a defect in one ball can lead to huge overall damage. My team members cooperated in formulating countermeasures as discussions were held involving the entire plant. I was very happy when these efforts resulted in good figures.
Whatever happens, someone always responds quickly; if a worker has their hands full, someone always helps…this environment seems only natural at AKS, but in reality I am truly blessed to have such a workplace. No matter how much machines become automated, the end point is eventually people. I feel that it is precisely because there is this appeal of people and excellent relations between people that AKS has achieved such high technological capacity.


A word to potential recruits

 In carrying out work duties, people are extremely important. On this point, AKS has many, many employees who you can look up to, saying, “Wow, they’re amazing!” If you want to improve yourself working with good supervisors, colleagues, and junior workers, I truly recommend AKS. I would really like you to come to one of our orientation seminars to experience this yourself!