Characteristics of AKS

AKS: The World’s Top “Ball” Brand

AKS balls boast the world’s largest production scale and the world’s highest level of technology.
The four characteristics at the core of our brand are maintained and improved
by our unique production facilities and thorough product quality management.

  • FEATURE. 1 Outstanding precision

    We are proud of our outstanding precision, achieved by using the very latest measuring devices that are capable of measuring in submicrometer (1/10 μm) units. We also make even more precise measurements in accordance with customers’ needs and product grade.

  • FEATURE. 2 Long-term durability

    In order to increase durability, we conduct research and technology on thermal treatment and other processing technologies as well as evaluations using life testing of ball incorporated into bearings.

  • FEATURE. 3 Stable product quality

    AKS carries out strict product quality management based on ISO/TS1 6949 standards. We also have a thorough product quality assurance system that can track production history from materials to end products.

  • FEATURE. 4 Excellent finished surfaces

    Processing with equipment and facilities built to own unique design concepts and a wrapping system developed through long years of research enables us to produce products with highly precise finished surfaces. In particular, we have developed both a processing method that reduces waviness and a method for evaluating waviness.