Privacy policy

In addition to gathering personal information through legitimate and honest means, Amatsuji Steel Ball Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and AKS Group companies shall use, manage, and store, and protect any personal information obtained in an appropriate manner in accordance with the following.

1. Basic Principles

Our company’s basic principles regarding personal information are as follows.

  • 1) Specification of purpose of use and prohibition of use other than that intended

    When gathering personal information recorded in writing directly, the purpose of use of the information shall be specified each time such information is gathered. When handling personal information in cases other than when receiving the information directly in writing or when the information is obtained indirectly, the information shall be handled within the scope of the following purposes of use:

    1. For the purpose of providing products or services.
    2. For the purpose of providing after-purchase services.
    3. For the purpose of collecting and providing information regarding new product development.
    4. For the purpose of providing information regarding our company’s recruitment activities and screening process.
    5. For the purpose of carrying out procedures related to our company’s personnel management, including employee training and benefits programs.
  • 2) Non-disclosure/non-provision of personal information to a third party

    Information provided to our company shall not be disclosed or provided to a third party except in the following cases:

    1. The person to whom the personal information belongs consents to disclosure.
    2. 2. Disclosure of the personal information is required by legal decree.
    3. 3. Disclosure is required to protect a person’s life or property.
    4. 4. Cooperation with public institutions such as the police or courts is required.
    5. 5. Work duties are contracted to an external contractor within the sphere of the purposes of use.
    6. 6. It is deemed appropriate for companies affiliated with our company or our representative offices to reply regarding the information requested.
    7. 7. When required information is provided to financial institutions for the purpose of credit card payment for products or services.
    8. 8. When work duties are transferred due to company mergers, corporate divisions, transfer of operations, or other reasons.
  • 3) Strict and appropriate management of personal information

    We shall manage personal information appropriately and strictly. Furthermore, in addition to complying with laws, ordinances, and rules that apply to personal information stored by our company, we shall continue to maintain and improve our handling and protection of personal information in accordance with the above-mentioned items.

2. Inquiries regarding personal information

If you wish to confirm any items regarding personal information or have questions about the contents of this page or general questions about our company’s privacy policy, please contact us at the address below.

For inquiries about personal information, please contact:

 Administration Section, General Affairs Division
 Amatsuji Steel Ball Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
 1.1 Kaminoguchi-cho, Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture 571-0070 Japan
 Tel. +81-6-6908-2261 (Weekdays 9:00–17:00)

Please note that we are unable to provide personal information in the following cases.

  1. The requested information does not fall under the category of retained personal data.
  2. There is a risk that disclosure of the requested information may endanger the life, physical body, or property of the person whose personal information is requested or of a third party.
  3. There is a risk that disclosure of the requested information may interfere significantly with the fair and appropriate performance of corporate duties.
  4. Disclosure would violate other laws or regulations.

In the case that there are mistakes or changes regarding a person’s personal information, at the request of the person to whom the personal information belongs, inaccurate or old personal information may be amended or deleted only in the case that the company is able to confirm that the person wishing to amend the said personal information is the person to whom the information belongs in order to prevent falsification of the personal information by a third party.