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Supporting industry and comfortable living

Essential for making machinery and equipment more reliable and efficient as well as for reducing energy loss, bearings enjoy widespread use throughout society.
Since its founding in 1920, Amatsuji Steel Ball Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (AKS) has continuously refined its ball making technology as a manufacturer specializing in steel balls as well as those made of other materials. We strive daily to make products that satisfy our clients’ needs. These efforts have been widely recognized by bearing manufacturers both in Japan and abroad and have earned us their trust and an excellent reputation. To this day we continue to endeavor as a business that contributes to society.

Mastering the perfect sphere

While our products may be simple spherical balls, a wide range of technologies are needed to manufacture them depending on their use. To master these technologies, we conduct product development, quality management, and technology development taking various factors into account. This allows us to produce high quality steel balls that meet the diverse needs of our clients. We are committed to contributing to a prosperous future through our ball making technology by developing environmentally friendly products and using new materials, not to mention making products of even greater quality.

Aiming to be an industry leader

At AKS, our core values are safety, quality, compliance, and the environment. We aim to become an industry leader by pursuing a business strategy that is based on these values and that will strengthen our corporate structure and achieve growth.
With its five international production bases in the United States, Europe, and Asia, AKS has established the infrastructure to encourage global technological advancement by using its unique technologies to supply its world-renowned AKS brand steel balls at the same high quality to clients around the globe.
Utilizing the AKS Group’s global network, we will continue our efforts to provide even better products and services. We are deeply grateful for your support.